DC trip 2014 Harkin Team Award





Access 2 Independence has been working for over 30 years to increase the self-and integration of people with disabilities throughout the Eastern Iowa Corridor.  Our Independent Living Specialists were trusted and dependable sources for guidance and referrals who worked with you to achieve your goals, and increase your independence.

We helped any person with a disability regardless of race, gender, class, religion, or sexual orientation and our services were always absolutely free of charge. 

We primarily serve Benton, Cedar, Henry, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, and Washington counties.

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  1. Jimmy

    Since you serve Linn County have you had anything to say about the Art Museum in Cedar Rapids tearing out its accessible main entrance expecting people who need accessible entry to go around back?
    I know there is a parking lot around back, but the announced plan is to develop a “beautiful” new entry way in front that ties it in with the other buildings in downtown to draw citizens to the grassed areas in front of the buildings and then into the buildings. Since people in wheelchairs and others who need accessible entry are “sent around back” they will be unable to enjoy the beautiful new entrance.

  2. Wayne Springfield

    The new building has an accessible entrance in front. At this time the stairs as you come out the main entrance has no color change or tape or paint to let people with low vision know it is not solid concrete. A person could ride a power or regular wheelchair down the steps, as it is directly in front of the entrance as you go out the door. The accessible entrance is from the street to the front entrance at an angle that also ends up at the main entrance.


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