Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities throughout the Eastern Iowa Corridor through education, advocacy, and peer support, so that they may achieve greater independence and integrated community participation.


We envision the Eastern Iowa Corridor as a community without barriers, where every individual has the freedom to control the direction and quality of their life.


Access 2 Independence is a Center for Independent Living, meaning that we are a non-profit, non-residential community organization that is run by and for people with disabilities.

As an organization, our core values are:

  • Integrity – We operate with honesty and fairness in every situation.
  • Acceptance – We value your ability to contribute to our community, no matter your background or life experiences.
  • Empowerment – We support individuals to acquire the tools and skills that they need to have the highest quality of life possible.
  • Mutual Support – We understand that everyone deserves to be treated with honor and dignity, and we appreciate the differences and unique needs of everyone we meet.
  • Respect – We treat people with care and courtesy, and we expect the same from those around us.

Our values guide not only our choices as an organization, but our choices as advocates for the disability community. These values are how we transform our mission and vision into reality, and they are the key to our success.