“Access 2 Independence cares very much about persons with disabilities. They work very hard to make sure consumer’s needs are met.”
20 year consumer of A2I, age 50, woman with a spinal cord and brain injury.

“You have been kind, concerned, and polite. You really cared about me getting out of the care facility and getting my own apartment in Center Point. Everything was just very nice.”
63 year old woman with intellectual disabilities and dyslexia

“I get a caring feeling from the staff and my independent living specialist.”
50 year old man with depression and anxiety

“You have been very, very helpful. I, myself couldn’t have gone down to the medical lending closet. I feel like my push walker is just perfect.”
67 year old women with COPD and emphysema

“You just helped me with my insurance (Medicare Part D) needs. You guys showed me an accommodation for my reading problems, a magnifying reader. You are able to just sit and talk with me about things that help me out, like journaling.”
64 year old woman with MS, brain aneurysm, and osteoarthritis.

“We worked on quite a bit and the independent living specialist got in on the middle of my fundraising for a wheelchair ramp and he did a lot of work that I couldn’t do. You are a man of your word, you are dedicated, and you always get the job done.”
57 year old man who is in recovery from colon cancer