At Access 2 Independence, we want to help you reach your individual goals. Do you need help finding a job? Do you want to make your home more accessible, but you don’t know where to start?  Our Independent Living Specialists will work with you to reach your goals by providing our five core services and more.

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Individual and Systems Advocacy:

We will advocate for you as a member of the community. We can help you understand your civil rights and responsibilities when dealing with the government, your employer, or other service providers, and we can help you stand up for  those rights if you feel you are being treated unfairly.

Examples of Advocacy services:
  • IEP advocacy for students.
  • Information on Social Security/Disability benefits application and appeals.
  • Provide support in disability rights-related activity. Please note that we are not lawyers and we do not offer legal council.

Independent Living Skills Training:

We can help you learn skills to increase and maintain your independence. We want to help you identify and work toward your goals, and we’ll help you put together a plan to succeed.

Examples of Skills Training:
  • Education and training as necessary to live successfully in the community
  • Instruction to develop skills such as financial management and budgeting, social skills, household management, and beyond.

Information and Referral:

We can provide information about community resources that can help you accomplish your personal goals. Some examples are: acquiring and learning to use assistive technology; understanding and signing up for Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid waivers, and Social Security; and finding accessible housing.

Past Referrals Have Included:
  • Elder Services
  • University of Iowa Student Disability Services
  • MECCA Services
  • The Brain Injury Alliance
  • Hands Up Communications

Peer Counseling:

Over half our employees have some type of disability. As you work to become more independent yourself, we can share with you our own experiences having a disability, encountering and overcoming barriers to our independence, and how we’ve become advocates for ourselves and for others.

Examples of Peer Counseling:
  • Teaching and sharing information related to life experience with disability.
  • Facilitating Peer Support Groups.
  • Combining peer support and recreation to develop available programming such as our Expressive Art Groups and Krafts with Kiersten.

Transition Services:

Our staff assists High-school age youth with disabilities with their transition into college and/or the workforce. We also assist consumers with disabilities in their efforts to transition to a less restrictive living environment that is able to meet their daily needs within their community of choice.

Examples of Transition Services:
  • Moving from nursing homes to a more independent setting such as 24hr site homes or independent homes with Home and Community Based Services to provide supports as needed.
  • Working with high-schools and Workforce Centers to develop post high-school plan.