Expressive Art Group – Painting Pumpkins

It's that time of the year when pumpkins are everywhere! Let's join in on the October spirit by painting some pumpkins!


Expressive Art Group: Nature Print

Before Summer leaves this year, let's venture outside and soak up the last of the Summer Sun with Nature Print Paper!  Thanks to some simple chemistry, this special paper reacts to sunlight creating print images from items placed on top of the paper.  We will be setting up our designs and sun printing our work, weather permitting.  Once the design develops, we soak the paper in water for a minute, dry the paper, then our artwork is complete! R Place Peer Center 10 East Benton Street Iowa City, IA 52240 Friday, August 25th at 3:00PM Uptown Bill’s 730 South Dubuque Street Iowa City, IA 52240 Tuesday, September 5th at 4:30PM

Expressive Arts: Painted Fish

"The Expressive Arts group seeks to provide a supportive, friendly, nurturing environment for people of all backgrounds and abilities to explore and discover creative self-expression through art." Expressive Arts Group is open to people with any type of disability and a friend living in the Johnson County area. We welcome all artistic levels, even beginners. This group is … Continue reading Expressive Arts: Painted Fish